Fortunee Trading Program (FTP)

FTP is a complete Trading Package for Beginners & Intermediates with lot of learning involved which will help you to become a Profitable Trader.

Fortunee Trading Setup

Personal Mentoring Sessions

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Live Trading Assistance

Access to Fortunee Community (Life time)

Fortunee Trading Program (FTP)

• Fortunee Trading Setup

• Personal Mentoring Sessions

• Doubt Clearing Sessions

• Live Trading Assistance

• Access to Fortunee Community (Life time)

Rs. 7,499


1. What are shares?
2. What is Stock Market?
3. What is DEMAT Account?
4. What are Exchanges and its type?
5. What is IPO?
6. SEBI.
7. Trading View Tutorial.
8. How to use DEMAT account.
9. Types of People in Stock Market.
10. Ways to earn money in Stock Market.
11. Basics of DEMAT account and Order Placing


12. Types of Charts.
13. Candlestick and Candlestick patterns.
14. Trend and Types of Trend.
15. Support and Resistance.
16. Impulsive and Corrective Wave.
17. Trendlines.
18. Psychological Levels.
19. Chart Patterns.
20. Indicators and Fibonacchi Tool.
21. Multi-time-frame Analysis.
22. Market Corelation and International Markets.
23. Revision Session.
24. Fortune Strategy.
25. Fortune Trading Setup. (High Probability Setup)
26. How to select stocks for Intraday and Swings.
27. Risk Management and Risk Reward Ratio.
28. Trading Psychology.
29. Live Market Session with Fortune Strategy.


30. Types of Segment?
31. What are Derivatives?
32. What are Futures?
33. Why do we trade in Futures?
34. Premium and Discount concepts of Futures.
35. Expiry and Lot size of Futures.
36. How to Calculate Margin Required in Futures?
37. Fortune Strategy in Future Trading.
38. Future trading Setup.


39. What are Options?
41. Understanding Options in Real World?
42. Why do we trade in Options?
43. Types of Options.
44. What are Strike Prices?
45. Strike Price Selection.
46. Basic concepts of Option Market.
47. How to read Option Chain with Greeks.
48. strike Price Selection.
49. Fortune Strategy in Options. 67.Fortune Setup in Options.
50.Fortune Setup in Options.


•1 on 1 Personal Mentoring Sessions:

Personal Mentoring sessions are the sessions where members connect with us personally and we monitor and guide the members to solve their personal trading problems. Also we track the progress of the members and help them improve the trading journey. These 1 on 1 sessions are for LifeTime.

•Doubt Clearing sessions.

Doubt clearing sessions are conducted on weekends where the whole contents are revised and doubts are solved of each members.

•Life Time Support (Community):

We offer Life Time Support for the students. Even after the batch is over you are welcome to contact us and clear your doubts. You will be added to our Community Group where all the members of different batches will be present.

•Recording Sessions Available:

We record every session that we conduct. In case you missed the session or you want to revise the session you can get the recording.

•You trade with us:

After the course is over you will be trading with us as we share our personal trades and daily analysis on our group.

Fortunee Trading Program (FTP)

Download the course brochure and know all the points that we are going to cover in the course. In case you have any questions, we are here to help.

1.5 Months. This will include 35 Live Theory, Live Market and Separate Doubt sessions. All the live sessions are recorded in the backend and access will be provided to you for Life time.

YES. All the live sessions are recorded in the backend and access will be provided to you for Life time.

Yes. We provide 2 recorded sessions for you to watch before enrolling for our course. Please Whatsapp us: 9028949565 or Email us:

This Strategy and Setup is based on Price action and Indicator. The Accuracy is 75-80%.

The course is available in HINDI and ENGLISH language. However for English Language we have recorded sessions. The important sessions such as Strategy session and Setup sessions will be conducted live for English language batch.

The entire course is based on Price Action !!

In Fortunee Bulls we allow members to ask doubts in the live sessions. Also if you have any doubts after the sessions you can whatsapp/ call us and get the doubts solved. Additional to this we have separate doubt sessions.

Sagar Rajiwade
Co-Founder & Trainer at Fortunee Bulls Academy

He strongly believes in helping others to become Financially Independent by sharing his Knowledge & Experience in Stock Market.

His interest into Business Management led to the establishment of "Fortunee Bulls Academy" with an aim of creating as many as Traders & Investors.

Saurabh Bathe
Co-Founder & Trainer at Fortunee Bulls Academy

He is an Engineer by Education and Option Writer by Profession who aims to spread his Knowledge into the field of Option writing to create monthly income sources for his students.